ICT Infrastructure

Computer applications are now an integral part of the daily routine concerning the teaching and learning process and this being so, Information Technology in all its aspects and ramifications is fully integrated across the campus. Our state-of-the art facilities and resources allow unlimited though supervised access to a fully integrated IT system-networked classrooms and computer laboratories that can access data and multimedia content.

ICT infrastructure at Mayoor comprises:

  • Four Computer Labs having forty computers each to support one-to-one computing.
  • Smart Classrooms, which include Interactive Projector and Speakers connected to a high end computer, in all the sections of the Academic Blocks and the Science Laboratories.
  • A total of two-hundred and eighty computers in the campus
  • Gigabit Local Area Network
  • Wi-fi Connectivity
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity on all the computers on the campus
  • E-content from Extramarks
  • The firewall placed outside the network that prevents unauthorized users from hacking the network and also acts as a Virus-wall to prevent the network from virus attacks
  • A proxy server to keep track of the Internet usage / activity of the users

Apart from hardware and networking the school has an Online Information Management System through which the staff, students and parents can view all the information related to Attendance, Library and Examinations.

The school promotes UBUNTU i.e. Free and Open Source Software which is a part of ICT curriculum.

Movie Making is a key feature of the department wherein the students shoot movies annually on social issues.