The School Council

School Council

The School Council was structured in September 2002 and ever since has been playing a crucial and active role in the school. The Student Body along with the administration forms the School Council which is a forum for formal meetings where student expression on the matters related to the school curriculum as well as areas of concern for school welfare is invited. The School Council seeks active participation of the students in running school activities thereby promoting leadership, initiative and responsibility towards welfare of the school.

Composition of the School Council:

  • Principal
  • Vice-Principal
  • Elected Student Representatives from Classes VI-XII
  • Four nominated student representatives from Primary Section (Class V)
  • School Head Boy
  • School Head Girl
  • Three nominated Teacher Representatives
  • Administrative Officer

Functions of the School Council

  1. Conducting formal meetings where the Student Representatives bring to fore the agenda devised on basis of students’ feedback.
  2. Debating for the cause and presenting fitting solutions for the issue at hand.
  3. Directing student initiatives towards community service.
  4. Incorporating student role in organising school activities.

Mayoor School aims to inculcate responsible leadership in each and every student. Training for leadership begins early at the class level with students taking on various responsibilities in this this forum. This is actuated through a democratic process wherein the elected class representatives and girl representatives from classes VI-XII join the School Council. The manner of election is as follows:

  1. A number of students from each section of classes VI-XII volunteer for candidature.
  2. The students of the class cast their respective votes in favour of the candidate of their choice. Only a single vote is permissible per student.
  3. The class teacher serves as returning officer and counts votes.
  4. The candidate getting maximum votes becomes the class representative (CR).

A similar method is followed for the election of girl representatives; there is a single girl representative (GR) for all the sections of a particular grade.

Therefore, the elected Class Representatives and Girl Representatives of all classes join the School Council and give their views and inputs on matters that concern the life of the school.

List of School Council Members:  Click Here