Science and CIE Block

The Science and CIE block houses the science laboratories and classrooms. Also, the transaction of IGCSE curriculum takes place in this block.

The Science curriculum at the school is supported by hands-on practical training in the nine science laboratories and a Robotics lab, housed in the Science Block. The students become familiar with experimental world at an early stage as the practical lessons commence from Class VI onwards. Every lab is equipped with workstations for the students, smart-boards and a desk area for the science teacher to deliver practical lessons. Physics, Chemistry and Biology Departments have respective prep-rooms that are well-stocked with materials and other resources for hands-on training. Each lab has trained support staff for maintenance of the lab.

Physics Labs

Two Physics labs are located on the first floor and one Physics lab for the middle section on the ground floor of the Science Block. The Physics Labs have workstations with space for conducting experiments. These workstations are equipped with in-built power supplier, galvanometer, ammeter, voltmeter, multi-meter and battery eliminator. During experiments, a workstation is shared by two students.

Chemistry Labs

Two Chemistry labs are located on the second floor and one Chemistry lab for the middle section on the ground floor of the Science Block.  The concern for safety is evidenced by installation of safety-related equipment like fire extinguishers and fume cupboards. First-aid equipment is readily available in the lab.

Biology Lab

The three Biology labs are located on the ground floor of the Science Block. The labs are equipped with spacious workstations for the students to delve in to the study of natural world. Students learn to prepare slides for microscopic examination from class VI onwards.

Robotics Lab

The Robotics lab is located on the first floor of the Science Block. The lab consists of individual workstations for the students which will enable them to  research, experiment and develop innovative projects / robots. The lab has 20 laptops as well as Brick based kit and the Humanoid Based Kit which can be used to make approximately 60 and 40 types of robots respectively. The laptops have been installed with an in-house developed software which can be used by the students to code the designing of robots by just dragging and dropping flowchart tools.