CCA clubs

CCA clubs

For facilitating greater participation of students in co-curricular activities, in-house co-curricular activity (CCA) clubs are operational. The Primary School and the Middle & Senior School have their respective CCA clubs. During the academic year, a student is given an opportunity to join a single CCA club of his/her choice in the Middle and Senior School. Students of Primary School need to join two CCA clubs in a year, spending six months in each. A special fifty minute session for CCA club activity is held on Wednesday every week. During the session, the students immerse themselves in honing skills pertaining to CCA. For some, CCA club offers a platform for hobby pursuit; for others, especially the senior students, it is a place to acquire skills that can be channelised later into alternate career options.

The CCA clubs at Mayoor School, Ajmer are:

Primary School

Middle and Senior School

· Yoga and Meditation

· Art & Craft Club

· Calligraphy

· Biology Club

· Clay Modeling

· Brass Band

· Computer Club

· Career Counselling Club

· Cookery Club 

· Chemistry Club

· Craft Club

· Computer Club

· Robotics

· Cookery Club

· Dance

· Dance Club

· Eco-Club

· Ecology Club

· English Dramatics

· English Debating Club

· English Story Telling

· English Dramatics Club

· Gardening

· First Aid Club (VI to VIII only)

· Hindi Dramatics

· French Club

· Hindi Story Telling

· Global Citizens’ Club

· Indian Instrumental Music

· Hindi Debating Clubs

· Indian Vocal Music

· Hindi Dramatics Club

· Jewellery Designing

· INTACH club

· Art Club


· Mathematics Club

· Library Squad (VI to VIII only)

· Manners and Etiquette/Personal and Human Values

· Model United Nations Club

· Needle Work

· Mathematics Club

· Origami

· Movie Making Club

· Quiz Club

· Music Club (Indian Instrumental & Vocal)

· Science Club

· Music Club (Western Instrumental & Vocal)

· Spell-Well

· Photography Club

· Western Instrumental Music

· Physics Club

· Western Vocal Music

· Robotics Club

· Puppet Theatre

· Entrepreneurs’ Club

· Best Out of Waste

· Quiz Club

· Street Theatre Club

· Scouts/ Guides Club

· Sanskrit Club

· DIY Club

· Best Out of Waste Club

· Consumer Awareness Club

· Origami Club

· Psychonauts Club