Senior Manangement Team

In our aim to transform a young student into a well-rounded individual, the Senior Management Team plays a pivotal role. The team brings this aim to fruition by planning and effectuating a balance of academic and co-curricular activities that enhance the development of a child. The Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of experienced teaching professionals who are associated with formulating the curriculum. The senior management team which is also responsible for student welfare and discipline comprises the following:

  1. Principal
  2. Vice-Principal
  3. Administrative Officer
  4. Head Primary School
  5. Respective Heads of Departments for English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Hindi.
  6. Coordinators

The present members of SMT at Mayoor School are:

Sr. Post Department Name
1 Prinicipal Mr. Sanjay Khati
2 Vice Prinicipal Ms. Sindhu Chaturvedi
3 Administrative Officer Mr. Jitendar Merani
4 Head Primary Mrs. Sumona Gupta
5 Head of Academics Mrs. Karuna Tandon
6 Heads of Departments English Mrs. Karuna Tandon
Hindi Mrs. Shivani Jha
Science Mrs. Neerja Chaturvedi
Maths Mr. Vikas Jain
Social Science Ms. Manisha Mulchandani
7 Coordinators Pre-Primary Mrs. Gunjan Bhardwaj
I-II Mrs. Netal G. Charan
III-V Mrs. Mansi Jha
Middle Mrs. Parul Verma
Secondary Mrs. Divya Khanna
Senior School Mr. R.S. Anthony
CCA (Junior) Mrs. Pooja Behl
CCA (Senior) Ms. Pooja Nagpal 
Games Mrs. Harshu Verma
Music Mrs. Mridula Paul
Art -
Information Technology Mr. Devendra Bagla
International Linkages Ms. Pooja Nagpal
CAIE Mrs. Nimi Sharma
8 Others Examination Incharge Mr. Vikas Sharma
System Administrator Mr. Devendra Bagla