The Mayoor School Community-

  • Initiated a Research Project in the Primary classes titled ‘Free and Open Source Software – A tool for learning Mathematics and Languages’ which was awarded by the NCERT for the ‘All India Competition on Innovative Practices and Experiments in Education for Schools and Teacher Education Institutions for the year 2010-11’.
  • Promoted Physical Education (PE) and Music as an important component of the School Curriculum for the overall and balanced development of students by introducing the system of allotting the same PE / Music lesson to 4 or 5 different teachers specializing in different areas at the same time. A class of 35 students is divided into groups with each group having 4 or 5 students. A group learns either Indian or Western Music and any one of the musical instruments from Tabla, Drums, Keyboard and Guitar. All the groups learn their respective musical genre and instrument simultaneously from different teachers. After a certain period the teachers interchange the groups to provide maximum exposure to students and to discover their talent in a particular field. Similarly for PE all 4 sections of a class have the PE lesson at the same time and then they are divided into groups to play/practice football, basketball, hockey, karate, gymnastics, yoga etc.
  • Successfully introduced the policy of 100% participation at the pre-primary and primary level in all activities like games, music, art, cultural programmes and other co-curricular activities to ensure that all the students get maximum exposure at this level and are able to realize their potential. 100% participation is also ensured in inter-house Athletics and Cross Country Competitions at all levels. At the senior level, inter-house activities in CCAs and games provide ample opportunity for all children to showcase their talent and hone their skills.
  • Initiated and devised a Linux based curriculum in ICT for the Primary and Middle School with 4 separate Computer (Linux based) Laboratories (one each for the Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle and Senior Secondary Classes). To keep pace with the ever changing world of IT, the school has designed its own curriculum which includes the Free & Open Source Software (FOSS). The curriculum focuses on teaching IT skills through an Integrated Approach and is regularly reviewed and updated. It also includes age appropriate portions of programming languages at different stages to develop programming skills in students. The syllabus for each class is such that it lays more stress on learning the use of software by working on the computers and at the same time integrates learning of various subjects using computers. ‘Learn with Linux for Primary School’ a series of computer books written by our school faculty for classes I to VIII has been published by the Oxford University Press.
  • Encouraged innovation and experimentation amongst students and staff.

1.     Students of the school have made a Go-kart using 100cc Motor Cycle Engine.

2.     ‘The Compact Farming Vehicle’ made by students and displayed at the Regional CBSE Science Exhibition held at SMS Vidyalaya, Jaipur was selected to be displayed at the National CBSE Science Exhibition in New Delhi in October 2012.

3.     The Project ‘Techno-Farming’ was exhibited by students at the Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition held at Essar International School, Surat in August 2011 and was selected to be displayed at the National Level CBSE Science Exhibition held at Modern School, New Delhi on October 21-22, 2011.

4.     A Project on ‘Line following Robot’ was exhibited at the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition held at Mayoor School, Ajmer in September 2010 and was selected to be displayed at the National CBSE Science exhibition held in New Delhi.

5.     Projects using Robotics and Solar powered car were exhibited at the CBSE Science Exhibitions held at Vadodra, Gujarat in August 2009.

6.     Project on production and efficient use of energy was selected to be displayed at the CBSE National Level Science Exhibitions at Kulachi Hansraj Model School, New Delhi in September 2007.

7.     Students of Class IX undertook a research project in Science titled ‘Comparative Study Of Building Materials used in two different regions/ countries based on their properties’ in 2014-15. The students measured temperatures during various seasons in buildings to see the effect of materials and insulations in Europe & India.

8.     Students of class XI undertook a research project on ‘Electricity Consumption - Its Usage and Wastage at Mayoor School’ in 2003. They conducted a survey of the entire school, analyzed the data and graphically presented it with the aid of computers to arrive at the conclusion of how much electricity is wasted and how it can be conserved.

  • Introduced system of Class Libraries up to Class X. 20 minutes reading time on alternate days and 5 minutes silence time every day before the first lesson starts have been introduced in all classes from the year 2009 to inculcate the habit of reading and silent introspection amongst the students. Book reading club was introduced as a club activity in 2014 for students of classes III to V to inculcate reading habits. The students did various activities like appreciation, critical review of books, celebration of authors’ day (e.g. Roald Dahl Day was celebrated in the school assembly). Students also submitted their original compositions (Prose & Poetry) to be published in the school magazine.
  • In order to promote Performing Arts, an annual Inter-house One Act Play Competition (English) was organized in for the first time in 2003 and has become an annual feature ever since. In 2009, the same was introduced in Hindi as well. The entire event is conducted by students, right from the script writing to the direction and production of the play.
  • Introduced theme based Annual Prize Giving Function, like the theme for the Annual Prize Giving Function 2014 was ‘Ekaj De Chingari’ which featured the process of self-realization and highlighted acts of shaking off darkness throughout history by courageous and loving human beings with a well-directed spark. An in-house production is staged every year and the staff actively participates in the development of the script and the direction of the cultural programme. The themes for the sessions of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023 were ‘The Quest’, ‘El Tesoro – The Treasure’,  ‘Kahe Re Vann Khojan Jaye’, 'Ras - Tarangini' , 'Marudhar-Ro-Runkh', 'Jungle Nama' and 'The RatTrap' respectively, highlighting various aspects of a person’s path to self-realization and actualization.
  • Introduced theme based Annual Exhibitions, e.g. themes for exhibitions of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023 were ‘Dharohar’, ‘Light’, ‘Utopia’, ‘Synergy’, 'Sisu', 'Srijan', 'Kintsugi' and 'Mayoor in 2030' prompting various displays by students. Each and every department is involved in putting up the exhibitions with a wide plethora of activities like skits, enactments, tableaus, talk shows, puppet theatre, street play, artistic models, working & innovative science models, a movie show, computer games/software and the music exhibition- all revolving around the central theme of the exhibition. This exhibition gives a splendid opportunity to the maximum number of students to display their creativity and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Motivated students to produce in house the following short movies on social issues:

Title of Movie





Unconditional love




Too late to realize



My Obituary

Being in the moment



Meri Kahani

Let your child dream



The Last Day of School




Can I quit








Together but alone

Excessive use of IT



Never Ending Story

Don't be money







Zimmedar Kaun?




Aawaz- Ek Nai Roshni Ke Liye

Child labour



Sandesh – You Can Make A Difference

Pathway for Cyclists




Underprivileged Children



Proud to be Mayoorite

Spirit of Mayoorite



  • Encourages teachers to take up action research, for example Ms. Sindhu Chaturvedi (Vice Principal) & Mrs. Sumona Gupta (Head - Primary) took up an action research project and successfully completed the Global Teacher Accreditation (India) project offered by the British Council in collaboration with Cambridge Education Foundation in 2011. Moreover, Mr. Adhiraj Singh – Former Principal – undertook a similar initiative and received the Global Teacher Accreditation in 2017.
  • Inspires teachers to research, innovate and write books suitable for the Mayoor School curriculum, aligned with the School's Philosophy of a child-centered and activity oriented approach to the teaching-learning process. ‘Chirping Birds’, ‘Tinkling Bells’, ‘Nursery Workbooks’,and ‘Humming Bees’ books of English Rhymes and ‘Kuhu’, ‘Gunjan’ and ‘Peehu’ books of Hindi Rhymes were written by the teachers for Pre-Primary Students. Similarly ‘Ready to Read’, ‘Meri Bhasha’, ‘Maths is Fun’, ‘Mental Mathematics’, and ‘Let’s Look Around’ a series of English, Hindi, Maths and EVS workbooks for students of Classes LKG to II were written and published by the teachers of the school.
  • Introduced the concept of organizing a retreat cum workshop for the entire staff at the end of every year and before the start of the new academic session. This retreat was organized for the first time at Shivpuri near Rishikesh in March 2009. The programme was titled ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’ and was based on experiential learning. This was followed by another staff retreat cum workshop at Bikaner in March 2010 on ‘Appreciative Inquiry’, at Ranthambore in 2011, at Goa in 2012 and at Gujarat in 2013. The entire staff (in two groups) spent 4 days at Kerala for a staff retreat cum workshop on ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ in March 2014 and went to Gangtok (Sikkim) and Darjeeling for a staff retreat cum workshop on ‘Time management’ in March 2015. This practice was then repeated in 2016 when the staff went to Amritsar and Shimla and attended a ‘Breaking the status quo’ workshop, in 2017 when they went to Singapore and participated in a ‘Team Building’ workshop. In 2018 the staff retreated to Bandhavgarh and attended a ‘Collaboration and Communication’ workshop. In 2019 the staff retreated to Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya), Ranikhet. In 2020 the staff retreated to Orchha, Panna, Khajuraho. In 2023 the staff retreated to Goa. This has helped to build a community of staff members who work as a team and are keen on taking up new challenges.
  • Successfully implemented evening games on the lines of the best residential schools.
  • The School Council was set up in September 2002. It plays a highly active role in the school. It serves as a platform for interaction between the student body and administration. It is a forum where students are trained in the conduct of formal meetings and learn to express themselves. The Council tries to promote leadership, initiative, interest in school activities, and concern for the general welfare of the school. The Council is made up of elected student representatives from each class, two nominated teacher representatives, Vice Principal, Administrative Officer and the Principal.
  • Organized the Star Talk Hindi Programme in collaboration with Kean University, New Jersey, USA. This programme involves Skype sessions with students of Kean University. Star Talk is the newest of the component programmes of the National Security Language Initiative (NSLI), USA announced by the former President of USA Mr. Bush in January 2006. This model includes daily interactions with 20 language learners of the U.S. in Hindi on different global issues which are the part of UN Millennium Development Goals as the context for developing and increasing linguistic, cultural and global competencies. The topics for the talks held in 2017 and 2018 respectively were ‘Environmental Challenges and Public Health in the US, India and Pakistan’, and ‘Education Equity’.