International Linkages

Mayoor's commitment to internationalism is reflected in the formation of trusted partnerships with The Friedrich Eugens Gymnasium (F.E.G), Stuttgart, Germany and The De Montfort School (T.D.M.S.), Evesham, United Kingdom. This has resulted in seven exchange programmes with the F.E.G. and three, with T.D.M.S. Every year, the ties get stronger due to the teacher and student exchanges. Our foreign linkages also include Bedlinog Community Primary School, Wales, U.K and John M. Karras Kindergarten School, Athens, Greece.

International Exchange Programmes with F.EG. and T.D.M.S. - Inter-cultural exchanges enabling development of global citizens.

These international visits bring a fresh wave of unique experiences for students and teachers alike. The series of never tried before and unfamiliar experiences unfolds as the students leave their comfort zone. The experiences are enriched with exploration of new countries which have their own unique socio-cultural aspects. The prospects of the exchange programmes are not just limited to gaining fresh experiences in a foreign territory. They are enlarged when the students spontaneously undergo a process of self-discovery and self-discipline. Therefore, the exchange students from Mayoor are fortunate to experience internationalism at an early age in a manner that instills confidence in them and emboldens them to adapt to unfamiliar conditions.

A remarkable feature of the exchange programme is the excellent learning opportunity provided by the intimate exposure to the culture of the host country. Living with an affectionate host family gives them acquaintance with and appreciation of, the cuisine, architecture, familial traditions, and language of the host country. The exchange programme thus turns out to be a lesson in sensitivity, tolerance and a better understanding of people of all cultures. A way is paved for Mayoorites and the exchange students from F.E.G. and T.D.M.S to become global citizens at a young age.

The international links of Mayoor go beyond the aforesaid two schools. There are many other programmes with world-renowned schools like the Millfield High School U.K. which are in the pipeline and will hopefully materialize soon.

Collaborative Projects with Bedlinog Community Primary School, Wales

E-mail exchanges between the Head of Bedlinog Community Primary School, Bedlinog, U.K and the International Linkages Co-ordinator , Mayoor School, Ajmer resulted in a visit by two teachers from the primary section of Mayoor School, Ajmer, to the Bedlinog Community Primary School in June 2010. The visit forged a partnership of trust between the two schools . An action plan was formulated for collaborative projects to be undertaken by the students of two partner schools thereby adding an international dimension to the curriculum.

The partnership now involves regular correspondence between the Head Teacher, Bedlinog Community Primary School and the Head Primary , Mayoor School via e-mail. The action plan has been actuated with collaborative projects that aim to give the students of the two schools a deeper understanding of the social fabric of their respective countries and acquaint them with prevailing social structures in the other country.

Projects on analysis of social structure in India and biographies of selected teachers are operational in the Primary sections of Mayoor School, Ajmer. Collaboration with Bedlinog Community Primary School students will include sharing the project data and analysis via presentations with the Bedlinog students.

Skype sessions of Pre-Primary students with students from John M. Karras Kindergarten School, Athens, Greece

The interaction between pre-primary students at Mayoor School, Ajmer and kindergarten students at John M. Karras Kindergarten School, Athens has helped in sowing the seeds of internationalism in Mayoorites at a very young age.

The conversation takes place through Skype. The children usually talk about their daily routine, habits, family and culture.