Games and Sports Overview


Games stimulate physical growth, promote friendship and are a source of mental recreation in young children, providing a sense of well-being and fulfilment. They promote the development of motor skills and further hand-eye coordination allowing for participants to master difficult skills associated with particular sports.

Sports have both recreational and competitive value. They help de-stress students who are usually engaged in challenging academic pursuits requiring great mental effort often leading to exhaustion. Games help recharge the system and enable students to maintain equilibrium of mind and body so essential to overall health.

At the competitive level students develop physical, mental and social skills. Good sportsmanship, team work, discipline and leadership qualities are all enhanced on the games field and in the arena of competitive sport.

In view of the above, Mayoor school provides a comprehensive sports programme at every level. Weekly games lessons are a part of the academic schedule for every student from play school onwards and may take place indoors or on the games field and in the sports arenas.

All students are given the opportunity of participating in Inter-House sporting competitions in a wide variety of disciplines. Organized instruction and coaching in a large number of sports is conducted at the school in the evenings and is open to all. The school participates in district, state and national level competitions in a variety of sports.

Mayoor School students have won many laurels at the National level in shooting and table tennis. Young table tennis players from Mayoor have participated in international tournaments. The school cricket team enjoyed a successful tour of Australia in 2012.

The Sports faculty at Mayoor, is a mix of experienced senior professionals and young, energetic physical educators who form an accomplished team with formidable expertise and acumen.