A Tranquil Start after the brief Hiatus

In today's world of information overload, teachers face numerous challenges in capturing students' interest and providing value beyond what digital media can offer. At Mayoor, we recognize that teachers’ burnout significantly impacts their job performance, mental well-being, and physical health.

As the School gears up for an action-packed schedule starting July 1st, we found a brief respite amidst the hustle of Planning, Academics, and other preparations on Saturday, 29th June’24 by organizing a revitalizing and rejuvenating Meditation Session.

The session was conducted beautifully by Mr. Kulwant Singh, who is not only a proud Mayoor Parent but also the founder of SoulErgy , a training company committed to guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards the higher dimensions of life.

With over forty years of deep belief in the power of Meditation and Dhyana, Mr. Singh shared his positive energy, leaving attendees refreshed and ready to face the upcoming challenges.