Fancy Dress Show-2016 (Nur-UKG)

A Fancy Dress Show was organised for the students  of Classes Nursery to UKG on September 23- 24, 2016.

What a delight it was for the young children to dress up and enliven the arena with their sparkling performances! While some kids dressed up like famous historical figures, living personalities and popular fictional characters, others brought inanimate objects to life. A splash of colour, delightful and innovative costumes and  delivery of well-rehearsed lines was an enthralling moment for the tiny tots as well as the parents and teachers alike.

The themes were vast and varied - Fashion, Rainy Seasons, Utility Products, the ‘Flavour of Rajasthan’ and the ‘House of my Dreams’ knit together the effort and imagination of the children. 

The little ones also depicted a busy Railway Station, immersed themselves in the rusticity of the village fair and explored different means of transportation. The themes were chosen to sensitize the children to their social and cultural environment and give them an insight into the basic yet important components of the physical environment.

The teachers and the parents felt proud to see the young, vibrant children bring their efforts to fruition.