Cultural Morning-2017 (I&II)

The past beats inside all of us like a second heart. It is the past which shapes our future and the young children of Classes I and II got on the stage on Saturday, 4 February, 2017 to convey the same with the hope that the adults, for once, would listen to them.

The underlying theme of the morning was 'Ateet ke Jharoke se'.

The children with their sterling performances provided a peep into the ancient civilisations and gave a glimpse of their rich and vibrant culture.

Dance, Skits and Songs weaved together the message of love and peace being the universal language of all time. The children also implored all present to value the past, revel in our rich civilisation and conserve the rich heritage and monuments we are blessed with.

All the children got on the stage with no exceptions, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly while their parents watched them with a beaming sense of pride.