Earth Day Celebration-2017(Nur - V)

Students of classes Nursery to V rolled the green carpet during the special assembly conducted on 21.4.17 to celebrate the Earth day. Various activities like Earth day songs, dances, poems, short speeches, amazing facts and short skits related to our Mother Earth were performed to make children aware of the current environmental issues like pollution, water scarcity, climate change etc. The students spoke about the importance of compost pit, clean surroundings and solar power to encourage others to make environment friendly choices. The assembly concluded with a message   'Every Day is Earth Day.'

Besides this teachers from classes Nursery to II planned various Interdisciplinary Projects for the students throughout the day like colouring worksheets, sowing seeds, making nests and feeding the birds.     

By the end of the day, children were aware that we need to take action now to protect our environment before it’s too late.