Songkran Festival 2017 (Nur-II)

Students of classes Nursery to II celebrated the International Festival of Thailand 'Sonkaran' on May 5, 2017. 

The word 'Songkran' is derived from Sanskrit meaning the beginning of a new Solar year. The Thai people celebrate this festival with water. Everyone gets soaking wet. Young people pour scented water into the hands of elders as a mark of respect.

To mark the occasion, our little ones came to school in their beautiful printed shirts and colourful dresses, all ready to get drenched. The highlight for most of the students were the giant water fights in the school playground.Everyone had fun splashing water with their small buckets, tumblers and water guns (pichhkaris). It was virtually impossible to stay dry.

 As you can see from these pictures, everyone had a lot of fun and got drenched