Sports Day (Nur - II) - 2017

Sports Day was organised for the students of classes Nursery to II on November 25, 2017. The children orchestrated lively drills with colourful props. Students of class II also displayed yoga asanas. Later in the day all the children enjoyed the fun races that displayed team work and coordination.

The tiny tots of Nursery crawled, hopped and balanced a variety of props to reach the finish line. This helped them to execute their gross and fine motor skills. Students of LKG participated in relay races where they had to wriggle like earthworms, balance bean bags, wear a clown's wig and pass the parcel. Students of UKG participated in the chef and waiter race, umbrella bounce and three legged race.

Students from class I participated in the hurdle race, balancing the box race, cowboy race, caterpillar race and the ring and ball race. Class II participated in the hoola hoop race, pinky ponky race, golden and silver chain race.

At the end of the event, a fun race was also organised for the parents.

It was great fun to see the children, their parents and teachers joining hands to make this event a huge success.