The Annual Exhibitions 2018 were based on the theme ‘SISU’. Sisu is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character.

The word derives from Sisus, which means "interior" and "entrails or guts".

The exhibition was inaugurated by Shri Deepak Upreti, IAS (Retd.), Chairman, Rajasthan Public Service commission, Ajmer on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

The creative co-operation and collaboration were depicted through भाषा की अदालत, कालजयी मनुज, सुभाषित मंचनम्, The Fall of Icarus, Internationalism @ Mayoor, Sisu in Forgiveness, History, Natural World, Mathematics, Games, Science, Psychology, Computer, Commerce, Music, Art and Craft & in IAYP/ Tours & Excursion.

The previous two weeks were full of research, planning, exploring, collaborating and finally manifesting students’ thoughts into tangible presentations.