The National Integration Week (I – V)

The National Integration Week was celebrated by the Children of Classes I -V  from  10th - 14th August 2020.
The children researched thoroughly and eventually put up their presentations on National Heroes. They worked out an ingenuous time line of the freedom struggle, defining movements in the struggle of Independence and exploits in Space Exploration.  They also highlighted the major rivers of India, need of Organic Farming and relevance of National Symbols. They  children voiced their plea to safeguard heritage and  'Go Local' - a sustainable approach towards life and civilization.
They put up a wide variety of folk dances.
There was a wide array of activities that engaged the students like Digital Poster and Brochure Designing on 'Digital India', 'India of my Dreams', 'India's fight against Corona and 'My India my Pride'.
This event involved 100 percent participation.