Inter House Indian Music Competition

The Inter House Indian Music competition was held on August 28, 2021. A total of 16 students participated in the event where 8 took part in Vocal Music (Classical and Bollywood on karaoke) and the other 8 performed on Musical Instruments.


The results were:

A) Indian Vocal Music

Classical Vocal

I - Triambakeshwari Bundela X C Kumbhalgarh

II - Ananya Kuri XI Hum Mehrangarh


Bollywood Song on Karaoke

I - Neyassa Singh XII Hum Ranthambore

II - Mitanshi Khandelwal IX A Mehrangarh


B) Indian Instrumental Music


Other  Instruments

I - Aditya Mantri X B Kumbhalgarh

II - Yashveer Kothari IX A Chittorgarh



I - Keshav Dargar XII Com Mehrangarh

II - Arnav Jain XI Hum Chittorgarh



I - Mehrangarh

II - Kumbhalgarh

III - Chittorgarh

III - Ranthambore

Inter House Western Music

“Music is my higher power” ― Oliver James

Showcasing their talent in music, the students from classes IX – XII participated with great zeal in the Western Music IH competition held on August 27, 2021.The three categories under which they performed were - Solo Singing, Solo Guitar and Solo Drums.



I      ADITI NANDINI SINGH                  Kumbhalgarh House

II     SOBHAGYA SHRIVASTAV            Chittorgarh House

III    ANGEL FOOTE                              Ranthambore House


I.     NAIVAIDYA SHARMA                    Ranthambore House

II     VARUN TIMOTHY AGRAWAL       Mehrangarh House

III    KRISH BHAWRANI                        Chittorgarh House



I      KEVIN FOOTE                              Chittorgarh House

II     MANAV GURNANI                        Mehrangarh House

III    VISHESH SINGHAL                      Kumbhalgarh House



I      SOBHAGYA SHRIVASTAV        Chittorgarh House

II     OJASV TAMRA                          Mehrangarh House

III     HARDIK JASWANI                    Ranthambore House


Overall House Positions

I       Chittorgarh House

II      Mehrangarh House

III     Ranthambore House


Inter House Dance Event 

Dance is one of the most beautiful, graceful and expressive of art forms known to the human race and it is through this form that the students from classes IX-XII expressed the mselves at the Inter House dance event held on August 26, 2021. In total there were three dance categories-  Classical ,Folk dance and Theme based dance - depicting Festivals of India.

Each house was represented by 4 students where one participant each from the houses performed Classical and Folk Dance and two participants from each house performed a theme based dance on the Festivals of India. In all, there were 16 participants.


The winners of the events were-

Classical Dance

I - Ritvee Sharma IX D (Chittorgarh House)

II - Prisha Gupta XI Sci  (Kumbhalgarh House)

III - Mishthi Gupta IX D (Ranthambore House)

Folk Dance

I - Saksham Tripathi X A (Mehrangarh House)

II - Krish Bhawrani XI Com B (Chittorgarh House)

III - Ahsaas Garg XI Com A (Kumbhalgarh House)

Theme based-Festivals of India

I - Devika Airan XII Hum A (Chittorgarh House)

II - Maitrayee Sharma XI Hum B (Mehrangarh House)

III - Kiara Kamdar XI Com A (Kumbhalgarh House)

House positions

I - Chittorgarh House

II - Mehrangarh House

III - Kumbhalgarh House

Inter House English Extempore 

The Inter House (English) Extempore competition was held on August 25, 2021. The participating students got an opportunity to speak their minds on a given topic with spontaneity, substance and sensibility under a time constraint.

The following students were adjudged Best Speakers of the event :

Wamil Goel - X A  (Kumbhalgarh House)

Anushree Loiwal - XII Com B (Kumbhalgarh House)

Aishwarya Sharma - XI Science (Mehrangarh House)


The Overall House Postions were:

I Position - Kumbhalgarh House

II Position - Mehrangarh House

III Position - Chittorgarh House

IV Position - Ranthambore House

Inter House Movie Making Competition - Movie Matrix 

Movie Matrix - The Movie Making competition was held on August 19, 2021, during the cultural week which was based on the theme  - What if there were no Internet for a week.?

A total of 8 participants from all four houses participated and contested as 4 pairs. The students unbridled their creativity and imagination to bring forth mindfully designed movies.

Following were the results-

First Position (Individual) - Tulip Khatri (IX A) Ranthambore House


Overall House Positions –

I -   Ranthambore House

II -  Kumbhalgarh House

III - Chittorgarh House

IV - Mehrangarh House

Inter House Kavya Manch

The IH KAVYA MANCH 2021-22 was conducted on August 18, 2021.  Students recited self -composed poems and poems of renowned poets in their own style in course of the event. A total of 16 students participated from all the four houses and rendered various poems under the following categories: poems by Shree Ramdhari  Singh Dinkar ; poems based on the theme –Naari; poem of choice and poem based on a given image.

 Following students achieved individual positions as best reciters:

I-        AVANI AGRAWAL (poem by Shree Ramdhari  Singh Dinkar)

I-        PARI KOTHARI ( on the theme- Naari)

I-        ASHUTOSH SOMANI (poem of choice)

I-     RIDDHI GANDHI (poem based on a given picture)


Overall house positions were -

I - Mehrangarh House 

II-  Chittorgarh House

III- Kumbhalgarh House 

IV- Ranthambore House

Inter House Hindi Debate

The Hindi Debate 2021-22 was conducted on August 17, 2021. The competition was divided into two categories: Category I (IX- X) where participants debated the topic बोर्ड परीक्षाओं का रद्द होना अनुचित था and Category II (XI-XII) where the students debated the topic सोशल मीडिया युवा पीढ़ी की पाठशाला है I Like all the other events, this too was conducted virtually.

Best speakers from both the categories were:

Category I  

I Position - Riddhi Gandhi X D Kumbhalgarh House

II Position - Wamil Goyal  X A  Kumbhalgarh House


Category II    

I Position - Labhya Rawat XII Hum A  Ranthambore House

II Position - Riddhi Goyal XII Hum A  Kumbhalgarh House


 Overall House Positions were -

I - Kumbhalgarh House

II- Ranthambore House

III- Chittorgarh House

IV- Mehrangarh House


Inter House Quiz

The Inter House Quiz competition was successfully conducted in online mode on August 16, 2021. A total of 9 rounds were conducted with 12 participants from the four houses.

The First Position was secured by Mehrangarh House, where the team members were:

Lakshyajeet Bugaliya  –  IX A

Anika Surana  –   XI SCI

Ritam Sharma – XI SCI


Overall result:

First Position - Mehrangarh House

Second Position - Ranthambore House

Third Position - Chittorgarh House

Fourth Position - Kumbhalgarh House