70th Independence Day Celebrations

The celebration of the 70th Independence Day at Mayoor School, Ajmer was a reflection of what we as citizens of a sovereign nation have achieved during the 69 years after gaining independence.
The Chief Guest for the event was Brigadier Pawan Chadha, VSM. Brigadier Chadha unfurled the Tricolour following which the national anthem was sung with patriotic fervour. Students presented short skits in English and Hindi in which the contemporary socio-economic issues like GST bill and the recent events of national and international importance that caught attention of the media and masses alike were discussed. Through the skits the sentiments and the views of the common citizens of India about various contemporary issues and socio-economic challenges were portrayed. Also portrayed was the positive attitude and faith in our young democracy that we must carry to bring about positive changes to the society.
The cultural events that marked the celebration were Indian and Western Instrumental Music and Dance Performances which were hosted in the Multi-Purpose Hall. The girls from the senior school presented a captivating Nepalese Maruni dance often performed by the tribes in Sikkim and Darjeeling during festivals. An amusing street play was performed by Mayoorites which highlighted the achievements of India and the challenges that have proved disruptive to the Indian Society and need to be met.
A special feature of the event was felicitation of Mr. Shobha Ram Geharwar, a well-respected freedom fighter from Ajmer. Mr. Geharwar was honoured by the Chief Guest through gifting of a shawl . He was also presented a cheque of Rs. 51,000 collected from the “Ubuntu” fund in which the students and staff members at Mayoor contribute regularly. It was indeed an honour and pleasure to have a freedom fighter as a special guest because every freedom fighter has played an important role to grant the people of independent India an air of freedom to breathe.
Speeches were given by Mr. Neeraj K. Bedhotiya, the Principal, Mayoor School Ajmer and Brigadier Chadha. The Principal raised concern about a modern phenomenon that has enslaved the minds; he gave the term “Digital Slavery” to it. The young adults and children are often found glued to the smartphones which has led to an addiction to the electronic gadgets, which is a cause of concern.
The Chief Guest appreciated the performances of the students. The audience comprising teachers and students were quite amused when he informed all present that he is the school mate of Shah Rukh Khan, the popular Bollywood actor. He talked about certain contemporary issues and motivated the students to contribute positively to the society.