Mayoor Manha

Mayoor Manah: The Celebration Begins…….

Mayoor School's maiden venture , the Inter School Psychology Fest, known as "Mayoor Manah," commenced with great enthusiasm as it welcomed teams from different parts of the country, along with judges and escort teachers.

It was a proud moment for all Mayoorites , as , Mayoor became the first School of the town to recognize the evolving societal trends and the growing importance of Psychology in dealing with the challenges of our times. This realization led to the creation of a festival of this caliber.

The day's events were diverse, including Zazen, the meditation session, Prajana, the  paper presentation, and Psychology based Skits to conclude the day's activities.

In the evening, all participating teams had the opportunity to unwind and establish connections during recreational activities held at Westin Resort, Pushkar.


Mayoor Manah : Miles to go...

The closing day of Mayoor School's Inter-School Psychology Fest, Mayoor Manah, was a a day of reflection and celebration for all Mayoorites , as the School once again made history by successfully organizing an event that not only showcased the evolving dynamics of our society but also emphasized on the crucial role of Psychology in navigating these challenging times.

The Closing Ceremony too, was a fitting conclusion to an event filled with a great deal of excitement and learning.

The accomplishments of participants were suitably acknowledged and rewarded by the Chief Guest of the Ceremony Shri Sushil Kumar, IAS who motivated and congratulated all the participants and students.

He also unveiled the first edition of Mayoor 𝘼𝙙𝙝𝙮𝙖𝙮 - a   journal encapsulating all information about the event including the research papers presented by the participants.

Principal, Shri Sanjay Khati, in his address, shared the credit of the success of the event with each and every member involved in the process and expressed his commitment towards more such events in the future.

Resham Bhatia, the Convener, thanked all the participating teams and felicitated the panel of judges.

The Finale couldn’t have been better without the School Orchestra giving an intensely symphonic and dazzling performance at the Closing Ceremony.

The award winners of the Competition were as follows:

In Paper Presentation Competition held on Friday , 27 Oct.,’23 , Tanvi Maheshwari (Mayoor School , Noida) was declared the Best Researcher , Sanskriti Gandhi ( Mayoor School , Ajmer) the most Promising Researcher and the award for Best Content went to Mishti Bhatia (Mayoor School , Noida)

Jayshree Periwal High School, Jaipur and Mayoor School, Ajmer were jointly declared First in the Skit Competition also held on Friday, 27 Oct.,’23.

Similarly, in the Quiz Competition held on Saturday,28 Oct.,’23 ,Mayoor School ,Noida and Jayshree Periwal High School , Jaipur secured the First and Second positions respectively.